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Undead Fed:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 106

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In this vlog we visit the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, PA, which has been overrun with the undead! As part of the Infect Scranton Zombie Event, there was an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for most undead in one place. Travis Love from "The Walking Dead" was there signing autographs along with Mike Christopher (The Hare Krishna Zombie from "Dawn of the Dead.") Makeup artists were present to give people that "Lived out" look, and the Villa Capri Cruisers were outside showing off some awesome rides!

Did I mention food was collected to help the hungry, and proceeds went to charity? One of the speakers (who's name I missed in the echo of the PA system) put it best. "Thanks you for walking dead so other people can Walk alive."

On a personal note, I never did get a chance to catch up with Travis Love over the weekend event, but my wife Donna did get his autograph (as you'll see in the video) and she reports that he seemed really nice! (She said the same thing about Mike, but we'll get to see that for ourselves in the next video.)

The two things I learned? 1.) Even Zombies love YouTube and 2.) Some people fear the camera more than hordes of undead walkers.

Featured Corpses:

  • Bob and Tabitha
  • Donna Shuta
  • Melissa from DNA Graphix
  • The Kid who said "Brains"
  • Christa and Nikki
  • Brian, Amber,June and Lisa (I think I got the names right.)
  • Jaylee and Family
  • Sumo Zombie, Clown Zombie, Zombie Zombie, Happy Zombie
  • The Steelers 2013 Season
  • The Villa Capri Cruisers
  • Gloria the Sprint Store Zombie
  • The Family that Feeds Together

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Monday, May 10, 2021
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