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Dani-Elle Launches "Eleven": Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 108

Yes, I've got video game related content planned for the near future. in the meantime, I share what awesomeness I come across.

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On November 24, 2013, the Shuta Multimedia Cameras were at Genetti Manor in Dickson City, PA, for the launch of Danie-Elle's latest CD, titled "Eleven." In this vlog you will get to sample the live performances from the event by Dani-Elle and her band, Music City, as well as going behind the scenes at the VIP after party!

Proceeds from the event benefited Marley's Mission. Marley’s Mission is a non-profit organization that provides equine-based therapy free of charge to children, and their families, who have experienced trauma. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) has shown evidenced-based efficacy in patients who have experience abuse and now suffer with depression, anxiety and other symptoms as a result of abuse. (For more info, head over to http://www.marleysmission.com/.)

The Master of Ceremonies was radio personality Phil Ciliberto from the Bold Gold Media family of radio stations.

Gene Talerico, 1st Assistant District Attorney and President of the Marley's Mission board of directors, spoke about the Charity's important work along with his friend Christopher, who without question stole the show.

At the VIP we interviewed members of Dani-Elle's "Dream Team" that support her efforts, as well as Music City bassist Christopher Rahboo Sabb and of course the always approachable and amazing Dani-Elle herself!

A fantastic time was truly enjoyed by everyone at the event, and on behalf of Shuta Multimedia, I would like to thank Dani-Elle for allowing us to share the experience!

One more note: Dani-Elle has an Indiegogo campaign under way to fund her trip to be on the Bill Block show in Nashville! If you head over to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dani-elle-s-road-to-nashville-2014 you can support her effort and get some really cool stuff in the process!

Oh and if you're wondering why the album is titled, "Eleven," you've come to the right place!

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  • Joan Caleski (Dream Team Member)
  • Kathy Rivenburgh (Dream Team Member)
  • Debbi Jaskowiec (Dream Team Member)
  • Diane Erb (Dream Team Member)
  • Lenny Jaskowiec (Dream Team Member)
  • Vince Shuta (Aka What's-His-Name Vince...what can i say; the tables were turned!)
  • Christopher Rahboo Sabb (Bassist of the amazing band Music City)
  • Ari Rivenburgh (Dream Team Member)
  • Dani-Elle (Truly amazing musician)

Song Samples:

  • "Joke's On You"
  • "Pennies From Heaven"
  • "Cruel Small Town"
  • "Bye Bye Bye"

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