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Go Ahead and Laugh at His Bottle Cap Collection Now

This all came from a somewhat warped thought playing Fallout 3. "If Bert were to survive the war, his bottle cap collection would make him one powerful Muppet."

For those who don't play any of the Fallout games, in the aftermath of nuclear war, bottle caps are the new currency. Bert's powered armor would be very expensive indeed.

Going through my screen shots, I found one of Ashur in the Pitt, and thought it was perfect. The thought of Bert talking about the regrets of what he had to do to survive in Post-Apocalyptia was too good to resist.

I posted two versions on the Facebook page. Initially I thought Ashur's headgear looked pointy enough for Bert, and then thought perhaps it should have a bit more of Bert's shape to make it work. Hope you like it.

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Monday, May 10, 2021
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