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Team Fortress 2: Halloween Doomsday--Swimming Bumper Car Glitch

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For the 2014 Team Fortress Halloween Event Map, it turns out that if you hit the big button to go to the bumper car level, just as Merasmus casts the swimming spell, you will be swimming in the bumper car arena. And the effect doesn't wear off. Thus there's really no reason for you to die unless you try.


In my first video I lamented that this didn't happen in a ducky round.

Well, yesterday I hopped into a game and lo and behold, DUCKIES!!!! ...in Jarate.


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Team Fortress 2: The Easter Eggs of Halloween Viaduct--Half Life 3 Confirmed

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So I did a little poking around in Garry's Mod (aka G-Mod) based on some very thready rumors that I may or may have made up myself that there were new Easter Eggs in the Team Fortress 2 Halloween Maps. What I found was astounding, and confirms everyone's greatest hopes--as far as video games are concerned at least. What? No this has nothing to do with Fallout 4...OK let's say this confirms hopes at least in the top 10 for most gamers. At least that's my opinion. Let me know what you think.

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The Dark Secret of Skylanders Trap Team

Sunday, October 5th, Skylanders Trap Team hit the shelves, and my son received his copy. Ever the speed-runner when it comes to games, he had the game beat by the afternoon of the 6th.

Well, almost.

For the uninitiated, the Skylanders games use an RFID reading “Portal” to read the chips on figurines that represent characters in the games. Whichever figure you put on the portal automatically appears in the game.

The new Trap Team game adds in “Trap Gems” in different colors that correspond to types of enemies, and allow you to trap them. Once trapped, you can use the bad guy in the game as one of your characters.

So the whole game is based on capturing the bad guys in these gems. The game only comes with two, and there are something like eight types of enemies. Thus you've got to buy more gems to be able to get everyone. And of course it helps if you get more figurines as well, that have the trapping ability—the old ones don't.

Anyone with any familiarity with this series knows that every Skylanders is a pay-to-win sort of game. In swap force, you had to be able to mix and match figures of different types (they have magnetic tops and bottoms) to access certain areas.

So you know when you buy one of these things you're feeding the digital equivalent of a drug habit. You get that. You know that if you get stuck, then a trip to the store is in order. You head to GameStop because your kid is disappointed that he or she has awesome skills but can't get to the next level without a mud-type figurine.

Fine. So now Trap Team is out, and they've taken it to the next level.

Unless you buy the “Dark” limited edition, $99 version of the game, you don't get the “Ultimate Kaos Trap” gem to trap the final boss—the dorky little guy named Kaos. Limited numbers of this item are floating around loose, but are bringing upwards of $40 on Ebay and Amazon. Good luck finding them anywhere else. (Actually, as I was putting the links in, I tried to find one on Amazon again and I can't.)

I lucked out because my son burned through the game like a blow torch through warm butter, so we hit this point while some are still available. I won my auction for $27 on Ebay with about $3 S&H. Not bad.

However, at some point thousands of kids are going to find out that can't really beat the game. I mean they can beat all the enemies, but the reward system in the game involves enslaving them and making them do your bidding...which is admittedly a bit sick, even if they are evil. When they finally beat the big boss, and then find out they can't get him without the limited edition black gem, it's not going to be a happy moment for the lot.

Essentially this is like finding out you bought a copy of the board game Mousetrap without the cage. Oh you can play the whole game the same as always, but don't expect to be satisfied.

All I can figure out is Activision plans on creating panic to inflate the price, and then sell as many as they can to those willing to pay the premium. Will they release bunches of them later for $15.95? Or will they just punish everyone who didn't buy fast enough?

Look, I realize there are bigger problems in the world than frustrating video games, and the problem is not uncommon. (Valve, where is Half-life 2, Episode 3? We've only been waiting since 2007.)

But this has the potential to be a Cabbage-Patch style headache for parents, and I figured as a guy with a gaming blog, I'd give you the heads up. If you're going to get this game, get the Dark version—it will end up being cheaper. (Come to think of it, why are they rewarding people for buying the Dark version? What ever happened to gold editions?)

If you've got the normal version, and you're wondering why you can't get the final boss, now you know.


Thank you, Internet, for summing it all up for me.

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