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Welcome to the Blog of the Black Knight

Greetings! Here it is! The first edition of The Blog of the Black Knight, posted on 10/10/10 just because it’s kind of cool to see that date come up.

This Blog is going to be primarily about video games; it’s a broader topic than what it would have been if I had started writing it a few months ago, let me tell you.

As is well documented elsewhere on this site, [bass] started out as a Microsoft Freelancer clan founded by a bass player, who walked away from it. After a while, later leadership (including yours truly) came up with the name Base and System Services name to fill in the acronym. (I’m pretty sure that was one of my suggestions, but I’ll give Fleggy his due. We did hash it back and forth a lot. If he hadn’t committed either virtual or literal suicide, we’d be able to talk about it. For now we’ll go with my guesses on that, because that’s all we’ve got.)

As a video game clan it is and will always be considered a success. It has been in existence since 2004, and there are still people wearing the tags. We owned a large chunk of the GetOnIt Server map when it shut down. As a wing of the Sentinels on the 24/7 Freelancer Universe, we were the most active players in the clan, and have recently re-emerged from [Sent] to be a clan again.

Plus the tag is worn in more than one game, and has recently become a Steam Group. (Contact me using the contact form on your right to join. It’s not an open group—[bass] has always been selective about who it allows to wear the tag, and I plan to keep it that way.)

As they say though, “The times they are a changing.” Right now there are only two members who I would say are actively playing Freelancer—myself and Mr. Bonkers. As the TF2 heavy would say, “Not big surprise.” The game itself is seven years old, and the members of this clan have been playing it heavily for years. At the time when the game was most popular, we had one to three hour system battles every weekend—eight fighters on eight fighters, best of three. The fact that we didn’t burn out sooner is a testament to the game.

Don’t get me wrong, the game is still great, and I still play it. I still intend to try to maintain “Clan Status” with it. One truth, however, is to maintain a clan for a long time, you need constant recruitment. If you look at the list of names on the bass forums, you’ll see a lot of people have come through this clan.

And that’s all well and good, but at this point, I’d like something more. I’ve befriended a lot of those people over the years, and as FL becomes less important, we now only have a history of game play to tie us together as friends. I think we can do better than that.

We all do still have one thing in common. We are gamers. We like video games, and are interested in just about all of them on one level or another.

Thus I am presently working on updating and revamping the [bass] website, as well as the status of [bass]. The site will reflect our status as the [bass]Gaming Community.

Members can wear the tag in whatever game they choose, and the [bass] website and forum will be a way for us to stay connected. I’m also going to add Facebook and Twitter pages, and I already have a [bass]-TheBlackKnight YouTube Channel. It would be interesting if we could get a [bass] network on YouTube going of members with YouTube accounts.

I’ve got my work cut out for me as far as updating everything. As you can see, there is a screening room for (mostly) video game related YouTube Videos. I’ve already loaded classics like the GMod Idiot Box series and the “Meet the Team” TF2 Videos, as well as videos produced by GOI veterans such as Phill Cassidy, Tommy, Viper, and Tidus97. Links to their YouTube accounts will be available when I update the site theme. The largest part of this will be a massive GMod effort; I don’t want to reveal too much about the new header pic, except to say it will span many different games.

Then there is this blog, which will generally focus on video games, but just like the screening room, I’m going to limit myself only by what I think you will find interesting, using video games as the primary focus. (I don’t plan to stray often, if ever, but I’m leaving the door cracked, if not wide open for other topics.)

After all is said and done, I hope I will have found a way to keep [bass] relevant to its members, and to the gaming community at large.

That is the goal.

- The Black Knight October 10, 2010

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