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Infect Scranton 2013: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 107

Be sure to check out my interview with Ray from Grown as Gamers (grownasgamers.com). GAG set up an undead gaming table at the Infect Scranton 2013 Zombie Conference! They cover gaming from cardboard to motherboard! Seriously, check them out! (Yes it's a big video but it's full of great stuff and they're in there!)

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In this video, the undead have drifted out of the center city of Scranton, and into the surrounding hills. That's right we're at Montage Mountain for the Infect Scranton Zombie Convention. Lots of actors, authors, artists, and other things that begin with 'a.' All sorts of business that deal in the scary and / or not so scary were there too.

Did I mention the 5k run up and down the ski slopes through obstacle course while being chased by zombies? You can get a taste of the Zombie Survivor Challenge in this video! (Just a taste though...from a distance. All I know is were in real trouble if Spider Man and Captain America are Zombies. Just sayin'. )

And no, I have no idea who the band was on the first Zombie Challenge clip. I got there as they were wrapping up.

Featured Corpses:

  • Kate: Survivor
  • Brian: The Smoking Zombie
  • Jason Lenox: Art, Illustration, Comics
  • Juiliana: Hyper Zombie
  • Jordan, Alexis and Malory: Survivors
  • Wyzae: Zombie Rapper
  • Ray: Grown As Gamers
  • Dan, Haley, Sam, Andrew and Matt: Survivors who surrendered to the infection at the end of the race.
  • Vince Collura (A.K.A. ActionVance: Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • Michael C. Dougherty: Z-Con Movie
  • Olivia the Fresh Zombie
  • Sabrina & Mary Jean: Shambler Zombies
  • Lew Temple: "Axel" from the Walking Dead
  • Creature Cabin: Wild Masks and Makeup
  • Patrick Barnitt: Walking Dead Walker, Star Treck the Next Generation Borg, and the new Thriller "Coffin"
  • Jim O'Hora and the Mysterious Dolores: Taney's Costume Shop (1406 N.Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18509)
  • Mike Christopher: The Hare Krishna Zombie from 1978's "Dawn of the Dead."
  • A few hardcore gamers who know the undead as well as anyone.

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Undead Fed:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 106

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In this vlog we visit the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, PA, which has been overrun with the undead! As part of the Infect Scranton Zombie Event, there was an attempt to break a Guinness World Record for most undead in one place. Travis Love from "The Walking Dead" was there signing autographs along with Mike Christopher (The Hare Krishna Zombie from "Dawn of the Dead.") Makeup artists were present to give people that "Lived out" look, and the Villa Capri Cruisers were outside showing off some awesome rides!

Did I mention food was collected to help the hungry, and proceeds went to charity? One of the speakers (who's name I missed in the echo of the PA system) put it best. "Thanks you for walking dead so other people can Walk alive."

On a personal note, I never did get a chance to catch up with Travis Love over the weekend event, but my wife Donna did get his autograph (as you'll see in the video) and she reports that he seemed really nice! (She said the same thing about Mike, but we'll get to see that for ourselves in the next video.)

The two things I learned? 1.) Even Zombies love YouTube and 2.) Some people fear the camera more than hordes of undead walkers.

Featured Corpses:

  • Bob and Tabitha
  • Donna Shuta
  • Melissa from DNA Graphix
  • The Kid who said "Brains"
  • Christa and Nikki
  • Brian, Amber,June and Lisa (I think I got the names right.)
  • Jaylee and Family
  • Sumo Zombie, Clown Zombie, Zombie Zombie, Happy Zombie
  • The Steelers 2013 Season
  • The Villa Capri Cruisers
  • Gloria the Sprint Store Zombie
  • The Family that Feeds Together

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[bass] Mission Report: Outcasts Attack Alaska Bases; June 15, 813AS

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So what happens when you get a mission in Microsoft Freelancer where the waypoint is next to a friendly base--or in this case surrounded by friendly bases? Bad things for the bad guys to be sure. However, don't get to close, especially on the Freelancer Universe server. The base guns are all boosted so that they do a substantial amount of damage. Friendly fire is never friendly.

Yes I survived and beat the mission.

  • [bass] ID: 81306151
  • Level 38 Mission in Proximity of Bases
  • Alaska System
  • Value: 495,000 Credits
  • Pilot: [bass]-TheBlackKnight
  • Date: June 15, 813AS
  • Ship: Eagle with 2 Tizona Del Cids,
    2 Nomad Blasters,
    2 Nomad Cannon,
    FLU Spec. Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher,
    and a Levle 10 Molecular Shield.
    Middle Wing intentionally removed.

Server: http://www.freelancer-universe.com

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