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Enjoy the Holidays!!! Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 94

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Now that the "Holidays" are over, take some time to yourself to actually enjoy them. Don't put your decorations away as fast as you put them up. At least take a little time with some hot coco to enjoy the lights, contemplate the true meaning of the holiday, or even just take some time yourself and watch a movie.

Relax. Even if it's for a short bit. Now that the hectic part of the season is over, try to find some time to enjoy at least a little bit of the season, so that it doesn't become simply a hectic time that you have to put up with once a year.

Most of all, don't get down because the season is over. We have New Year full of promise ahead of us. Carry the joy of the season into that New Year.

Happy New Year!!! (And if you're on the Mayan Calendar, Happy 14th Baktun. ;-)

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The Long Wait: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 90

I know this isn't game related guys, but based on the stress I'm seeing on my personal Facebook Feed, I made this video in advance of Tuesday's election--just in case you needed a bit of encouragement for whatever goes on. Hope you like it.

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With election day fast approaching, I found myself thinking about how long the country has been waiting for someone to fix our problems.

And then it hit me--that's what's wrong. We're all waiting for someone else to fix things.

We've got to get our own houses in order, balance our own budgets, build our own business, find our own jobs, and overcome our own adversities.

Government can make things easier or harder to some extent, but in the end result it is the people who solve the problems.

Every problem must be looked at as an opportunity. Even unemployment can be an opportunity to grow as a person, learn new things, and meet new people. I speak from experience: I was laid off from May 2009 to February 2011. It was a difficult time. But during that time, I started blogging and vlogging. I learned new ways to build web pages and started attending B2B (Business to Business) meetings looking for work. Most importantly, I met a ton of people who are now my friends.

I firmly believe that God never moves you from something, only to something. The path from A to B can be a great experience if you open yourself to the


So if your candidates don't win on Tuesday, don't become discouraged. You are a much bigger part of the solution than they were ever going to be anyway.

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Infect Scranton and Zombie Self-Defense: Shuta Multimedia Vlog 89

This post isn't strictly video game related, but we're talking Zombies and fighting. I figure that's got to be close enough to grab your interest. ;-)

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It was the end of the world as we know it, and we felt fine. September 21 - 23, 2012, Riverside High School in Taylor, PA, hosted "Infect Scranton." A zombie convention that featured Actors from "The Walking Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead," authors of zombie novels and short stories, zombie artists and film makers, zombie clubs and organizations such as The Zombie Preparedness Initiative and the Zombie Research Society, even a Zombie rapper.

The event also featured a 5K Run over natural terrain where the participants were chased by zombie volunteers--get caught three times and you're out. And there was a "Post-apocalyptic Self-Defense Demonstration" by Robert Thomas, Sensei of the 570 Dojo and his assistants.

There was food and drink of course, special zombie vehicles on display...actually I'm sure I'm missing something. The event was a tremendous success.

Here is a list of those appearing in Vlog 89, Part 1:

In Vlog 89 Part 2, we feature Robert Thomas, Sensei of the 570 Dojo, for a demonstration of how to fight zombies or human post-apocalyptic raiders. (http://www.570dojo.com) If you're unarmed and surrounded by zombies, you have two choices: Robert's techniques, or just start dancing and hope they play along. The smart money is on Robert.

With Robert are his primary assistant: Shanta Lee, and Zombie Volunteer Matthew Kolveck, and Human Raider Volunteer Cory Lasky. Matt and Corey are soon entering military service.

Facebook albums:

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