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Infect Scranton and Zombie Self-Defense: Shuta Multimedia Vlog 89

This post isn't strictly video game related, but we're talking Zombies and fighting. I figure that's got to be close enough to grab your interest. ;-)

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It was the end of the world as we know it, and we felt fine. September 21 - 23, 2012, Riverside High School in Taylor, PA, hosted "Infect Scranton." A zombie convention that featured Actors from "The Walking Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead," authors of zombie novels and short stories, zombie artists and film makers, zombie clubs and organizations such as The Zombie Preparedness Initiative and the Zombie Research Society, even a Zombie rapper.

The event also featured a 5K Run over natural terrain where the participants were chased by zombie volunteers--get caught three times and you're out. And there was a "Post-apocalyptic Self-Defense Demonstration" by Robert Thomas, Sensei of the 570 Dojo and his assistants.

There was food and drink of course, special zombie vehicles on display...actually I'm sure I'm missing something. The event was a tremendous success.

Here is a list of those appearing in Vlog 89, Part 1:

In Vlog 89 Part 2, we feature Robert Thomas, Sensei of the 570 Dojo, for a demonstration of how to fight zombies or human post-apocalyptic raiders. (http://www.570dojo.com) If you're unarmed and surrounded by zombies, you have two choices: Robert's techniques, or just start dancing and hope they play along. The smart money is on Robert.

With Robert are his primary assistant: Shanta Lee, and Zombie Volunteer Matthew Kolveck, and Human Raider Volunteer Cory Lasky. Matt and Corey are soon entering military service.

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Public Release of Microsoft Freelancer [bass] Intel

Based on the updates to the 24/7 Freelancer Universe (FLU) Mod, I've decided to declassify some of the [bass] intelligence videos regarding trade runs. The transports are now less capable due to re-balancing in the new mod, so these results are not exactly repeatable. The Omicron Minor to California Route has been lost altogether, as it was deemed "too profitable." However, the other routes should still be effective--just not as effective as they once were.

We were discussing this release prior to the mod update, and the videos were going to come out soon anyway. I simply have found the time to post them.

Related link: http://www.freelancer-universe.com

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Cardamine Run via Alaska using the Old Large Transport: January 16, 2012 (812AS) ID# 8120116

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In this recently declassified [bass] intelligence video (ID# 81201161), we demonstrate and analyze the trade run from Omicron Alpha to New York via Alaska. The ship used is the old version of the Large Transport (LT), which was based at Omicron Beta.

In the August 2012 Version of the FLU Mod, the capacity of the modded transports have been reduced, as well as their armor. (Vanilla Transports are unchanged.) The route is still the same but it might be a bit tougher and not quite as profitable.

I may retry the run with the new ships and see how it goes. (Or, that can be your homework assignment! ;-)

Related link: http://www.freelancer-universe.com

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