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Getting off the Freeway to See More Scenery: The [bass] Status Report: May 2, 2017 (817AS)

So since I last gave you an update on what I was planning to do, the only update has been the Splashin' with Compassion update. This might be a bit perplexing, since I said my plan was to do more writing and less videos, driven by the fact that I was really getting burned out on video games.

Then Rockstar started doing all these special expansions to GTA Online that were very good for making videos, and I decided I really should finish the main quest line of Fallout 4...

To make a long story short, at the time of this writing I have fifty two more videos on my channel than the great Muselk. Now I'll grant you he's got one million, eight hundred forty six thousand, nine hundred seventy two more subscribers than I have. So I'd say it's a clear win for the Aussie in a head to head channel comparison.

But in any case, it's clear there was a change of plans.

So where am I now?

I have no idea.

You see GTA Online is now so besotted with hackers that you can't play in public sessions, which is where 99% of what I do in my GTA videos happens. Plus, when it's the last night for double money on contact missions, and you're thinking to yourself "Thank God this is over tomorrow," it's generally not a sign you're having fun.

Fallout 4? I have plans to "eventually" do the last two expansions, once I can get the proper hook. For instance, I' could do the Vault-Tec one with the idea of being so goody goody that I drive away the overseer and then follow her until something bad happens.

And then I read that and think "would anyone watch this?"

I want to do a follow up video to my Parent's guide to GTA that highlights how the comments prove my point. But that's a back burner item.

I've got a bunch of racing footage from St. Patrick's day 2017 where I was all dressed in green and driving green cars. But that need a voice-over so it might be ready for St. Patrick's day 2018...or 2019.

I'd love to say I'm going to do some reading, get my writing chops going again on the "Tales of the Black Knight" novel,and possibly write a fan-fiction ending to the Half Life Series. (Let's be honest. Valve knows it can't do Half Life 2, Episode 3, or HL3, or anything with a three in it and meet the sky high expectations. So they're just going to let it ride forever to keep us checking Steam. At least I could grant some closure.)

But I have no idea what the plan is, and to be honest that feels good. I've been scheduling my free time around when I could use the mic without background noise. This has the interesting effect of taking away all your quite time, and I suspect is not good for your head.

Am I going to play video games? Most assuredly. Will it all become videos? No. Will some stuff be recorded and produced? Only if I think it's special enough to warrant the upload. And that could mean I think it could go viral, or it could just be a sentimental "home video" of time spent with friends online. I'm going back to the roots of this channel, which is that I just put up what I feel like.

And that should make for good videos. Not three a week, but good ones.

Am I going to do more writing? I do hope so. I'm enjoying this. I know there are some cool things going down at the Doylestown Bookshop this month and next. If I could run into some Liar's club members perhaps I could get my writing mojo back.

But I do think the start of all that is more reading. My goodness, perhaps I could start doing book reports on talesoftheblackknight.com

But of course it's May, the start of the busy season for the Shuta Multimedia channel. And now that I'm a double-offficer on the board of the Build A Spartan Foundaton to help out my kid's school district, well it could make for a busy summer.

The best I can tell you is, stay tuned to everything and see what happens next. You'll probably know what the plan is about the same time I do.

And if you do, know that I appreciate it!

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Welcome to the [bass] Web Site!


Welcome the Home of the Video Game Clan known as
Base And System Services (Or [bass] for short)

[bass] is a gaming community that was born on the Australian GetOnIt Freelancer Server. We now play a wide variety of games, but still adhere to our code of respect for other players.

When we play online, we identify ourselves with the tag [bass]-before our names, and use our Facebook page, our Web Site and our Forums to organize times to get together to play.

One of the best experiences in gaming is playing on the same side with a bunch of people that you know well. [bass] is a vehicle to do that.

We're built around the concept of casual gaming; there's never anyone saying, "why weren't you the battle on Friday? You're out!" If you can play great, if not, that's fine too. Real life always takes precedence over anything virtual in [bass].

We play video games with a style that allows everyone to enjoy the game. We respect other players. We don't trash talk or wine. We don't insult people or rage quit. We're there to have fun. If we win we win, if not it's just a game.

Online Content

In addition to organizing game times, we also provide Video Gamers Blog, a Screening Room of videos both developed by [bass] members and from around the globe, a Photo Album of great (and not so great) Gaming moments in [bass] history, and many of the Neural Nets written by members and friends of [bass].

What is a Neural Net you ask? It is fan fiction, originally developed around the game Microsoft Freelancer. Freelancer had a "Ships Log" function called a Neural Net, that kept you up to date and told much of the story in the game. Over time, the gamers with the necessary skills and inclination, took to writing their own, based on what was happening on the server at the time--or based on their own imagination entirely. This added a richness to the game that let it maintain popularity for years.

So check back often. We plan to keep this site current and pertinent to today's gaming world. In general, We'll post anything a gamer might find interesting. We hope you have fun here, and that we can enhance your gaming experience--after all, if a game isn't fun, then there's no point in playing.

Be sure to check out the latest from the [bass] Community below!

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Splashin' With Compassion 2017: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 162

This isn't gaming related, but we're talking people jumping into ice water in winter. How can that not be cool? (Pun intended.)

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For the fourth year the Friends of Shannon Mcdonough have held Splashin' with Compassion. Held at Montage Mountain, this polar plunge raised over $10,000 for young adults with Cancer.

It's an amazing event run by amazing people, and a great time was had by all!!! Yes, even bythose who leaped into the icy water. And by icy I'm not kidding. It was right around 32F out, with a wind chill of 25F and flurries from time to time.

We're talking cold here folks!

List of those who took the plunge:

  • Just the Two of Us
  • Wishing on a Cure
  • Casandra, Steve, Brent, Bob, Jim, Chelar, Joannie, Kara, Kristine, Nicole and Sue
  • Clare, The Chickens, Capsizer, Uncle Pat and Friends
  • Team Rempeladi
  • Mari, Bob, A shark, and two guys
  • Debbie, Jeff, Another Shark, and a couple
  • No name, but it was for her birthday
  • Bob, FOSM, and Jack
  • Kanya and Kaylee
  • Spices
  • a couple of guys, a guy in a suit coat, a girl with fairy wings, and a girl in a pink bikini
  • Team Keys
  • Corey
  • Team Hooters

Note: I only had the vlog to go by, as something happened to the written list of participants. So this list is really sketchy. Next year I'm going to photograph the list used by the D.J.

Facebook Album:


For more information:


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