Infect Scranton 2014:Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 123

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Once again the cameras of Shuta Multimedia braved the yearly invasion of the dead; meeting the infected face to face. That's right we were at Reaper's Revenge in Scott Township, near Montdale, but somehow in Olyphant, for Infect Scranton 2014. Thanks again to Shannon Kieth for putting on the event which includes a 5K run--during which participants are actually chased by zombies (or are made up as zombies and chase.)

Actors, actresses, and authors involved with the Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were there, offering insight and really great stories.

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  • Michael, Christine, Brittany, and Amanda
  • Amy & Cathy
  • Dan Yeager
  • R.A. Mihailoff
  • Michael Koske
  • John A. Russo
  • Jacqueline Druga
  • Andy Hershberger
  • Arnold Blumberg
  • Addy Miller

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