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Neural Nets


The game Freelancer by Microsoft has a storytelling function built into it called a "Neural Net." This is essentially a diary or "ships log" of the main character. Back on the old "GetOnIt" server, there was a forum thread encouraging people to write their own Neural Nets about the characters they played online.

Some of this fan fiction has survived the server, and is archived here for your enjoyment. We'll post as much as we can find, and of course new submissions are gleefully accepted!

There will be no monetary gain of course...just glory.

A note to the uninitiated:

These stories were written in a certain context. The authors knew that their readers understood the setting. The setting for these stories is the Microsoft Freelancer Universe. The author didn't have to explain the look of Freeport two or the sleekness of an Eagle VHF. (VHF=Very Heavy Fighter. They didn't have to explain that either.)

Also, many of the characters are actual players from the server--as are the authors. The neural net for IIkami was written by a man who flew under the handle IIkami on the server. Same for the Black Knight, Two Dogs, et al.

So there is a supposition here that does not exist for most fiction. These are stories written for the benefit of a club. That you might enjoy them as well speaks to the skill of the authors. If some detail seems absent, it may be because the author didn't need to share it. with his audience.

Oh. One final note about the time reference. The Freelancer game is set in 803AS, as AS stands for "After Settlement." A net with the setting of 806AS happened three years after the events of the game. It is interesting to note that the game was released in 2003, so there is a year to year correlation between now and then, so to speak.

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