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IIkami's Neural Net

Intro to IIkami's Neural Net

Hi Guys,

I have been reading and greatly enjoying TBK's neural net stories and so I have been inspired to try my own!

I wanted to create a character that had a bit of anguish in his past, not so much regrets or terrible stuff that happened to him, but something that he is ashamed of (read: Blatant rip-off of Spider-Man ;) ) and is trying to atone for.

Also he has the three important things any character in FL needs:
a) A nemesis (although he doesn't know how bad the nemesis will be yet)
b) A old buddy in "the establishment".
c) A lost love. (Awwww........) :'(

I have included mention of other [bass] characters, so I will post here before GOI, in case anybody objects. Also, please tell me if the story is:

a) Too corny
b) Not plausible
c) Jump Holes all wrong!
d) Just plain impossible
e) Not in the [bass] spirit
f) Does not represent [bass]-[Insert Name here] correctly.

Also I have made up four callsigns for characters in the flashback in the story. As far as I know, nobody uses these callsigns on GOI, but if I am wrong, then please tell me and I will change them. They are not intended to be real life players.

Looking forward to any feedback!

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