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Procene's Neural Net

A New Age of Freelancer


0854 hours, Wednesday, June 12, 808AS
Order Patrol Ship Theta-1 (Anubis MK2 VHF), patrolling Nomad Hypergate System

The green light of the systems Star reflected off the dark grey metal of the ancient Dyson Sphere that enclosed the sun, illuminating all the objects within the sphere. Among these objects was a three wing patrol of Anubis VHF’s, flying in a classic V shaped formation. The communications screen on the lead fighter switched on, showing a brown haired woman in her late twenties.

“Theta patrol, this is the Osiris, what’s your status?”

Osiris, this is Theta, Status green, nothing to report.”

”Affirmative Theta patrol, keep us posted, Osiris Out.”

The communications screen winked off. Lieutenant William Haverson, piloting the lead ship, stared at the blank screen for a second before he returned his attention to flying. Of course there is nothing to report, He thought, there hasn’t been anything to report on today’s patrol, or yesterdays, or the days before that.

The lieutenant stared out into the space before his fighter, taking in the sights. He eventually set his sights on the main feature in this area of space, a colossal object that sent shivers down his spine whenever he looked at it. To the average person, it looked like a finely carved asteroid that resembled an ancient city floating in space, but to the Order it was something far more important, and far more dangerous.

It was the Nomad Hypergate.

Haverson had read the reports made on the Hypergate. About five years ago now, the Nomads had first tried to wipe out humanity by forcing the four colonies of Sirius to fight against each other, manipulating them from the inside. The invasion was only stopped by Orillion and several other Pilots by forcing the Nomads back through the Hypergate, and against all odds they had succeeded in driving the Nomads back through to where ever they came from.

The Order had watched the gate ever since then. At first, there were no sightings of nomad ships. Then, a few years ago, several sightings of nomad fighters were reported on the fringes of the Omicron Alpha and Gamma systems. Freelancers kept them in check, hunting for their weapons. This gave The Order a bit of breathing room. Then a year ago there were reported sightings of nomad battleships in these same areas, and freelancers were now giving these areas a wide berth. Only the bravest or most foolhardy pilots tried to take them on. Now freelancer activity has dropped dramatically throughout all of Sirius.

The Order was on full alert. Haverson could understand why, Orillion probably expected the nomads to launch some major offensive at this time. The colonies were now in a weakened state. Over the years the governments and corporations had come to rely on the freelancer clans to protect their interests, and because of this, as well as the ongoing ranting of politics, or just plain stupidity, the advance of technology in Sirius has slowed to a crawl. With the majority of freelancer clans missing, disbanded or otherwise occupied, it seemed that the Order was the only faction technologically capable of engaging the nomads.

Lieutenant Haverson forced himself to look away from the ancient construct. After checking his course, he activated his COM unit and hailed his wingman. “Theta one to group, give me a status report.”

“This is Theta two; I have a slight calibration error with my targeting systems, otherwise I’m good to go” Theta two replied

“Confirmed Two. Theta three, report,” The Com was silent. Haverson hailed the ship again. “Theta three; is there a prob-“

“Theta one, im receiving some unusual signals, cannot locate the source”

Haverson activated his ships scanner; it took a few seconds to get a reading. There were an unusually high amount of energy signatures in the area. The lieutenant knew the hypergate produced similar signatures, but not on this scale. The only reason these readings were peaking was if-

“oh hell,” Haverson cursed under his breath, he performed an active scan of the hypergate, praying to god he was wrong.

Energy signatures near the gate were off the charts.

“group, perform active scan of the hypergate and compare with my results” The lieutenant transferred his scan results to the other fighters.

A few seconds past, “Sir, our scans match yours” Theta two sounded worried, “you don’t think?”

Haverson disengaged his ships autopilot, “I don’t know what it is, but were not sticking around to find out, come about, and set a course for the Osiris.”

The Three Anubis’ Turned around and headed back the way they came, engines flaring as they charged their cruise engines. Haverson hailed the Osiris, The COM screen winked to life, showing the brown haired operations officer. “This is the Osiris, report.”

Haverson’s face was grim, “We have a problem.”

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