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Scortheto's Nerual Net

The Beginning

Gasp. Air Filled into the still body. Bringing life back into the body. It was panting hard as it was hard to find air. There were naked body's all around. Cries of pain howling the corridors and infinite coughing sweeping into the abyss. The body brought itself to its feet. Shaking like a fiddle freezing. Bodies all around were gaining their feet. standing up and not moving. The ground was littered with debris and there was no light at all. It was as tho it was hell, and everyones corpse regained consciousness. The hull jerked and faint explosions were sounding in the distance. No one knew what was happening. The body began to investigate and find other people. offering all but a hand shake to every person he walked passed, not every body toke the hand and continued to stare straight without movement.

The Bodies that responded began to follow the offerer, as tho they had found a leader. eventually the offerer had made it to the end of the bodies. and their was a door, there was a code look on the side that was beeping viscously, the offerer place his hand on it. and it opened the door. The offerer and the crowed that was following of around 8 had stepped through the door and it closed behind them.
They found them selfs in a hanger. Their were ships. with armor plating, as heavy as gold. The offerer opened the cockpit and hoped in. inside he found a suit which he put on, he didn't even know how to put it on but in a few seconds he realized he was out side flying with a cockpit of naked people. A planet came into view on his scanners, and he tilted the ship towards the planet, there was a strange structure on the outside of the planet. a flashing light started beeping and saying 
"Incoming transmission" He pressed it and it began to say.

"Unidentified object please identify yourself."
" I am Scortheto" Responded the offerer. he now had a name.
" We are Tractoring your Ship into the docking ring because we read you have a low fuel level."
"Alright" I responded.

The planet was green and murky, as if poisonous gas clouds were blocking the sunlight to the marshy ground, there seemed to be more structures and i could see where the stream of energy was pulling me, onto a flat landing pad.
Their was someone standing on the landing pad, as i gained closer i saw the person emerge from the shadowy dot that it began as.
The ship finally came to a halt and i jumped out of the cockpit. only to land right in front of the figure.
"Welcome Back" He responded.

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