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Status Reports

Getting off the Freeway to See More Scenery: The [bass] Status Report: May 2, 2017 (817AS)

So since I last gave you an update on what I was planning to do, the only update has been the Splashin' with Compassion update. This might be a bit perplexing, since I said my plan was to do more writing and less videos, driven by the fact that I was really getting burned out on video games.

Then Rockstar started doing all these special expansions to GTA Online that were very good for making videos, and I decided I really should finish the main quest line of Fallout 4...

To make a long story short, at the time of this writing I have fifty two more videos on my channel than the great Muselk. Now I'll grant you he's got one million, eight hundred forty six thousand, nine hundred seventy two more subscribers than I have. So I'd say it's a clear win for the Aussie in a head to head channel comparison.

But in any case, it's clear there was a change of plans.

So where am I now?

I have no idea.

You see GTA Online is now so besotted with hackers that you can't play in public sessions, which is where 99% of what I do in my GTA videos happens. Plus, when it's the last night for double money on contact missions, and you're thinking to yourself "Thank God this is over tomorrow," it's generally not a sign you're having fun.

Fallout 4? I have plans to "eventually" do the last two expansions, once I can get the proper hook. For instance, I' could do the Vault-Tec one with the idea of being so goody goody that I drive away the overseer and then follow her until something bad happens.

And then I read that and think "would anyone watch this?"

I want to do a follow up video to my Parent's guide to GTA that highlights how the comments prove my point. But that's a back burner item.

I've got a bunch of racing footage from St. Patrick's day 2017 where I was all dressed in green and driving green cars. But that need a voice-over so it might be ready for St. Patrick's day 2018...or 2019.

I'd love to say I'm going to do some reading, get my writing chops going again on the "Tales of the Black Knight" novel,and possibly write a fan-fiction ending to the Half Life Series. (Let's be honest. Valve knows it can't do Half Life 2, Episode 3, or HL3, or anything with a three in it and meet the sky high expectations. So they're just going to let it ride forever to keep us checking Steam. At least I could grant some closure.)

But I have no idea what the plan is, and to be honest that feels good. I've been scheduling my free time around when I could use the mic without background noise. This has the interesting effect of taking away all your quite time, and I suspect is not good for your head.

Am I going to play video games? Most assuredly. Will it all become videos? No. Will some stuff be recorded and produced? Only if I think it's special enough to warrant the upload. And that could mean I think it could go viral, or it could just be a sentimental "home video" of time spent with friends online. I'm going back to the roots of this channel, which is that I just put up what I feel like.

And that should make for good videos. Not three a week, but good ones.

Am I going to do more writing? I do hope so. I'm enjoying this. I know there are some cool things going down at the Doylestown Bookshop this month and next. If I could run into some Liar's club members perhaps I could get my writing mojo back.

But I do think the start of all that is more reading. My goodness, perhaps I could start doing book reports on talesoftheblackknight.com

But of course it's May, the start of the busy season for the Shuta Multimedia channel. And now that I'm a double-offficer on the board of the Build A Spartan Foundaton to help out my kid's school district, well it could make for a busy summer.

The best I can tell you is, stay tuned to everything and see what happens next. You'll probably know what the plan is about the same time I do.

And if you do, know that I appreciate it!

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Youtubin' it: The [bass] Status Report: February 10, 2016 (816AS)

Hello Gang!

It's been a dog's age since I've posted an update to the site. We're well passed "overdue" and into "collecitons" so let me catch you up.

In 2015 I decided to really focus my attention on my Gaming Youtube Channel. This was because I felt that with the new games like GTA5 and Fallout4, along with classics like TF2 and Freelancer, I really had a tremendous amount of material to work with and had a chance to really make the channel successfull. The time was right.

It had nothing to do with the company I was working for, AECOM, cutting my pay 32% a few months after we had our second child.Though they said I was doing a great job, they needed to make more money. (Yes, I have since found a new job. I hear they're cutting holidays now. ) It had nothing to do with some desperation to try to get the books balanced.

This is a good thing, becuase I think the channel is up to a blazing $2 a month. Mostly based on the success of this video:

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I cannot fathom why this one has taken on such a life. But I'm not complaining.

This one is pretty hot as well, and it makes a bit more sense:

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In that one I give some great game tips...which are completely wrong as I found out later.

I still consider it a success though, because there are people who are regularly watching the new videos. (I'm looking at you, Bill Billings. Don't go changing!)

Success or not, making these videos is simply what I like to do, so you can count on me to keep it up as I can. I'm going to focus on the Tough Break Update Videos through March, and I'm going to try to play some more Freelancer, as I'm really getting back into that groove.

Speaking of which, [bass] is set up as a faction on Star Citzen if you're there. We'll keep an eye on it and see how it comes together.

I'm not abandoning GTA5 and Fallout4, but a man can only play so many video games. (It's that whole RL vs FL thing—which will make no sense to you unless you are a long time member of [bass].)

I also want to keep this site better up to date and get back to doing some writing. The book has stalled on me for a while, so I might go back to doing some fan fiction here just to get those parts of my brain going again.

Look for more updates here and on all the [bass] social media platforms. Oh, and one final video plug. Check out this TF2 video where I actually discovered something cool at 14:35 in the video:

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You could say I...fell into it?

This is the Black Knight. Have a great night.

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[bass] Status Report September 21, 2014 (814AS)

It’s been ages since I've done a status update as to the current health of Base and System Services. It’s kind of an interesting time in the history of the organization, so I thought I’d bring you all up to speed.

[bass] Infrastructure

The website , Facebook page , Twitter account , and YouTube channel are all being updated regularly, though the website has been primarily been updated via the Facebook and Twitter Apps. I have been including some content from shutamultimedia.com and vincentshuta.com(a.k.a .talesoftheblackknight.com) where I think it would interest those who visit this site. But I haven’t had the time to write a lot of content just for this page. Hopefully I can turn that around a bit.

The YouTube channel has been doing particularly well, and is my most popular channel. It’s getting around 9,000 hits per month, and has over 150 subscribers.

Oh, and we still have the forums ...*sound of crickets.*

Coordinated Gaming

There hasn't been a lot of this as of late—at least that I've heard. I think I’m the last of [bass] still playing Freelancer, though I still wear the [bass] tag. I've been playing sporadically at best, and not recruiting very much. The Freelancer Universe server seems to be stable with players online, and I've been maintaining the [bass] capital ships along with the Black Fleet and IIkami’s account.

I’m tagged up on my Steam Account, so [bass] continues in existence there. I haven’t hooked up with any other [bass] members online in a while. The only online gaming I've been doing on Steam is Team Fortress 2, and that’s mostly just dropping in on servers from time to time—nothing organized.

Freelancer is the only online game I can think of where we could all work together towards a long term goal while maintaining our individual schedules, and I think people are hesitant to invest more time in FL right now. After all, this January marks the tenth anniversary of when I joined the GOI forums as a member of [bass]. The game has staying power, but most of the team has moved on. The main hope for a revival comes from the hope for a new multiplayer space game, which is anything but EVE.

Oh, and we still have the forums which is set up for different games now...*tap tap*...is this thing on?

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is a crowd-funded project put together by Chris Roberts, the main man behind Freelancer. It’s still early in development, but I've already got a ship with a lifetime unlimited warranty, and I’ve established [bass] as a faction in the game. It looks like everything we ever wished Freelancer was. It also currently requires a top of the line PC to run, which I personally lack. My parents recently upgraded to an i7- 4771 based machine when theirs packed it in. It’s got on-board video because the builders said that you would need a 2Gig card to surpass what was on the board, and my parents are not gamers. Still I tried the hanger module on this quad core, 3.5Ghz beast and found it choppy at high res—and muddled at low res. Now the minimum requirements do not suggest trying this without a dedicated video card, so I’m not surprised. But I also know that my dual core 2.53Ghz is probably going to have to stay as my top machine for a while. That doesn't bode well in the short term for me flinging myself about a new galaxy.

On the plus side, there’s nothing holding me back on the administration side of things, and there is a plethora of information about the game online. I plan to start working on the back-history of [bass] in game as it relates to the in-game factions. Certainly our identity will develop, but we need a starting point. I will keep you posted as this develops.

I can tell you that as of now I plan to keep us—as much as possible—neutral to other factions so we have the classic [bass] ability to work with just about anyone. Player hunter/killers will probably still be our primary enemy, but then they usually pick that fight. If for some reason this doesn't make sense in the Star Citizen Universe, I’ll make sure I come up with something interesting that we can get into.

Final thought for today on SC: Just checked the website and we probably won't be rocking that universe until sometime in 2015.

“You need a new game."

Steam sales have left me with a ton of games that I haven’t even installed—including Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite and a few other space sim games that may be useful alternatives to Star Citizen for those of us without the latest and greatest machines. I plan on sharing these experiences with you as well as my continued wanderings through the Fallout universe.

The long and short of it, or “TL:DR"

We’re not online together a whole lot, but thanks to social media, the team has never fallen apart. [bass ] is still alive and well, and gaming in a hundred different universes. I plan to continue to wear the tag proudly, and maintain the infrastructure. I’m confident the day will come when we’re walking side by side in the same world once again. Until then, we share the same interest as fellow gamers, and friendships forged in steel.

There are good times ahead!

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[bass] Status Report 6/2/2013 (813AS)

Well I suddenly realized I haven't done a proper status report since 2011. That's pretty descriptive of where we're at, but not entirely. You see the status reports are primarily used for organized gameplay/battles, ship deployments etc. None of that's happening right now.

I'm still maintaining the Fleet on the 24/7 Freelancer Universe Server. (http://www.freelancer-universe.com.) We still have all our capital ships and LT's. The credits are all there. [bass] is no longer an active clan on FLU, but they're kind enough to let us keep the tags and hardware. Should anyone feel a sudden need to play Freelancer, we've got the gear.

I just created a new ship for personal use. It's a Titan that I've decked out with Diamondbacks and Nomad guns, on the sound basis that they're re-balancing the guns on the server side, in part to make Code Weapons more useful. Plus, it's a throw-back to the early DracO days when they all used at least one for style.

I've gone back to where I started on GOI—Cadiz. I did a startas to get a Corsair rep, got the ship, and now I'm grinding down on Red Hessians until I'm friendly with the Bounty Hunters. Then I might do missions out of Freeport 10 to stock up on Kraikens. Part of the re-balancing made the Thunderbolt weaker than the Kraiken. The T-Bolt is more energy friendly, but I never did see the need for more than 10 seconds of firing time.

They're still working on it, so all that may change tomorrow. But for now there is a plan.

I've also got a few anonymous ships floating around to do missions in Ruiz and such. I'm on more than most people realize, but not as much as I'd like.

Truth be told, between the writing projects I've got going (talesoftheblackknight.com) and the web site work I've got on the side (shutamultimedia.com) and the fact that I've been gainfully employed since 2011, (after nearly a 2 year hiatus on unemployment) I simply haven't had the time to organize and recruit in Freelancer. And after so many years, I have wanted to play some other games.

Most of [bass] is in a similar boat.

I'm still in regular touch with many of the core members, and as far as I know everyone is doing well. We're all still gamers, just moved off in different directions and living life.

I have never solved the mystery of Fleggy's death—real or internet. I'm assuming that it was internet only, and wish him well once again.

I plan to maintain this site and the associated Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on a regular basis, with lots of new content for old members and new fans. There may even be some FL thrown in too.

Oh and FLU is still going strong folks, so stop over if you miss your Eagle. The bar on the Rook is still well stocked.

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[bass] Freelancer KOS Notice against RoE

The following message is for members of [bass] who play Microsoft Freelancer on the 24/7 Freelancer Universe Server

[RoE] Silver took a contract out on Buktop* with [Raven] clan. I paid them 10 times as much to return the favor (just as a matter of style)

Previously, we had a friendly stance with the RoE, but this really annoys me. It's one thing to want to fight someone. It's another to pay to harass them.

RoE is KOS from now on, until I get an apology or satisfactory explanation.

I'll talk to Grinder and see what's up, but in the mean time, they are to be shot on site, no warning.



I had a long 2 vs 1 battle with Silver and Grinder/Horde, and a long discussion afterward. I took the 10 million dollar bounty off RoE-Silver, but let [Raven] keep the money. If Silver places a bounty on any [bass] member, it is automatically back in place.

Furthermore, it seems Grinder's friendliness, and his invitation for us to duel in Dublin is not shared by his leader. Silver wants to sit in Edinburgh alone, and is actually hostile to anyone who goes into Edinburgh. He chased Buktop* all the way to Alaska because Buktop* wandered in.

The fact that Buktop* is from another country and not fluent in English didn't matter, since he never spoke to him.

There is nothing of use in Edinburgh. I'm happy to let his clan die from boredom in Edinburgh. So we'll stay out. But if they set so much as one foot in one of our systems, I want it cut off and brought to my desk. (Figuratively speaking)

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