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[bass] Mission Report: Outcasts Attack Alaska Bases; June 15, 813AS

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So what happens when you get a mission in Microsoft Freelancer where the waypoint is next to a friendly base--or in this case surrounded by friendly bases? Bad things for the bad guys to be sure. However, don't get to close, especially on the Freelancer Universe server. The base guns are all boosted so that they do a substantial amount of damage. Friendly fire is never friendly.

Yes I survived and beat the mission.

  • [bass] ID: 81306151
  • Level 38 Mission in Proximity of Bases
  • Alaska System
  • Value: 495,000 Credits
  • Pilot: [bass]-TheBlackKnight
  • Date: June 15, 813AS
  • Ship: Eagle with 2 Tizona Del Cids,
    2 Nomad Blasters,
    2 Nomad Cannon,
    FLU Spec. Sunslayer Torpedo Launcher,
    and a Levle 10 Molecular Shield.
    Middle Wing intentionally removed.

Server: http://www.freelancer-universe.com

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